Danny Galieote

I would frame and hang these in my house in a heartbeat.

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Handsome Squidward is actually based on Dan.

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Male Elsa by Wisekumagoro



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I hatteeee how all of a sudden out of no where i get really sleepy 

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is it bad that i want to watch the 50 sades of gray movie? IM SORRY!?!?!

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in an art rut so ah drew ava

i hope she gets to control like lava and shit idk it would be so cool

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:/// i look horrible in swim suits! good thing im not a model.. then again i’d probably never pass the first around… 

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At long last, I’ve finished my concepts for what the ladies of Homestuck might look like if they were to appear in the Real Men Wear Tights universe. The story focuses on John as Heir and his partner, Hemogoblin, so I wanted to do up my own designs for what other Homestuck characters might be in this world of ours. We’ve got heroines, villains, and women who do whatever they want.

Larger version of the first image » here «

TROLLS: Aradia | Tavros | Sollux | Nepeta | Kanaya | Terezi | Vriska | Equius | Gamzee | Eridan | Feferi

HUMANS: Jade | Rose | Jane | Roxy | Jake | Dirk

(Textures from Cloaks on DeviantArt)
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Some pictures I took before promstuck that i never posted. yeah

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It’s tough having fashionable characters when you are not a fashionable person yourself.

Read Monsterkind imo.

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When I tell you to go fetch, you fetch. You’re just a mutt; obey, or be put down.

Finally got some photos in my Femwick (TorchChick?) with Sheena’s (amazing and ridiculously intimidating) Cinder Fall. I got to set up the lighting and position, then handed the camera to damnitdanjitsu and man did he nail these shots!

nyurt as Cinder Fall (fb/dA/cospix)

soulfirephotos as Roman Torchwick (fb/dA/cospix)

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I’ve never seen this before, but I really love it! ✧*:・゚✧
Candy Fairy by Angelic Pretty ✧ JSKOP

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The Two Key Qualities of a Classic Nic Cage Action Film

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I call this “the AU where Dirk actually doesn’t have a heart” and it is a very sad au where it ends up badly for both of them and they never get to smooch even if they want to because I am terrible and I enjoy the lack of conclusion and also wrecking my otps badly. (Full Image - Only slightly bigger tbh)

This is why I never write aus.

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Let’s Play: GTA V || ‘Merica 

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