The group photo of most of the members in the Create Your Own Homestuck Panel at Saboten con 2013 on Saturday. It was wonderful having you in my panel and hopefully we can do another panel together sometime! <3

~If you do not see yourself tagged please tell me who you where in the panel so I can add you in!!~

Sadly I’m sorry to say this but I do not have a video of the panel since my camera died in the middle of it.

Photographer: the_next_lorddeath [instagram]

John Egbert  Andrew Hussie  Rose Lalonde  Dave Strider 

Jade Harley  Karkat   Tavros   Eridan   Aradia  Terezi   Nepeta   Vriska Equius  Kanaya   Kurloz   

Not in the photo but was in the panel

Jane Crocker  Roxy Lalonde  Jake English  Dirk Strider  Sollux  Feferi